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For Equipment Rentals in Sault Ste. Marie & Nearby, Call Construction Equipment Co. (Sault) Inc.

Do you have a job to do but don’t have the equipment? If so, turn to Construction Equipment Co. (Sault) Inc. for all your equipment rentals in Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding area. Renting equipment instead of buying new has many advantages, including:

  • Upkeep: Renting equipment means you’ll save money on repairs and general upkeep!

  • Storage: Avoid storing equipment; this saves you having to pay storage or warehousing fees.

  • Right Equipment, Every Time: If you own all of your equipment, you might have to make-do with tools that don’t necessarily fit the job. By renting, you’ll be sure that you get exactly what you need for every job. If you’re having trouble deciding, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find exactly what you need!

On this page, you’ll find the list of available tools and equipment we have for rent. If you don’t see what you need, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Did you know that in addition to selling brand new products and offering rentals, we also sell used equipment

For pricing and other information, contact Don Francis or Pat Langelier:


Don Francis

705-942-8500 (Ext. 201)
705-946-9700 (Cell)
1-800-461-0500 (Toll Free)

Pat Langelier

705-942-8500 (Ext. 216)
705-257-7806 (Cell)
1-800-461-0500 (Toll Free)


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Light Construction / Lawn & Garden

Air Compressors

8-20 cfm (Gas)
185 cfm (Diesel)
375 cfm (Diesel)
1600 cfm (Diesel)

Flooring Tools
Tile Saw (Tube Saw)
Hardwood Floor Stapler (Air)
Hardwood Sander
Hardwood Edger

Air Tools & Accessories

Air Hose 3/4 "-1" 50'
Air Hose 2" 50'
Air Hose 3"
Breaker 30 lb-60 lb
Breaker 90 lb
Chipper 15 lb
Rock Drill 30-60 lb
Points and Chisels
2' Steel, H-Thread
4' Steel, H-Thread
Air Line Oiler
Whip Checks for Hose

Compaction Equipment

Tamper, Hand
Jumping Jack
Plate Tamper 12"-20" (Gas)
Plate Tamper 800lb (Diesel Rev)

Plate Tamper 1000lb

(Diesel Rev)

Ride-On Smooth Drum Roller
54" Drum Width-10000 lb

84" Drum Width-25000 lb

36" Asphalt Roller

Concrete and Masonry

Bull Float
Power Trowel 36"
Concrete Vibrators c/w 10' whip
Concrete Mixer
Mortar Mixers (Gas)
DD130 Core Drill
DD130 Core Drill c/w stand
Core Bits 2"
Core Bits 3"
Core Bits 4" to 6"
Core Bits over 6"
2.5 gal. Water Tank
8' Power Screed

Gas Breaker 60 lbs

Electric Tools / Fastening Equipment
Hilti TE-16C Rotary Hammer Drill
SDS Bits 3/16" - 1/2"
SDS Bits 9/16 - 1"
SDS Bits 1 1/8" - 1 1/2"
SDS Max Bits 1"-11/2"
SDS Max Bits over 1 1/2"
4CDN Power Actuated Fastener
Points and Chisels
Mag Drill
Electric Breaker Hilti (60lb)
Points and Chisels
4 1/2" Angle Grinder
7" Angle Grinder

1/2" Drive Impact

Electrical Equipment/Miscellaneous
Air Movers (12" Fans)
Hose Duct for Air Movers

Laser Levels & Measuring Equipment

TOPCAN Rot Laser Level c/w Receiver
TOPCON Auto Level
Open Reel Tape (200')
Measuring Wheel

Generators & Lighting
3500-4000 Watt Gas
5000-6000 Watt Gas
25 kw Trailer Mount (Diesel Silenced)
35-40 kw Trailer Mount (Diesel Silenced)

50 kw Trailer Mount

70 kw Trailer Mount

Power Distribution Panel
Tower Lights 6 kw Telescoping (52hr Run Time)

Lawn & Garden

Auger Posthole (1 man)
Aerator, Lawn (Gas)
Blower, Back Pack (Stihl)
Dethatcher (Gas)


Big Dumper

Brush Hog
Edger, Lawn (Gas)
Hedge Trimmer (Gas) (Electric)
Pruner, Tree (Stihl) (Gas)
Roller, Lawn
Roto Tiller (Rear Tine)
Sod Cutter (Gas)
Stump Grinder
Sweeper, Power Broom (Stihl) (Gas)
Sweeper, Power Broom (Walk behind)
Trimmer (Stihl) (Gas) (Blade)
Trimmer (Stihl) (Gas) (String)


Cut-Off Saw 14" (Gas/Electric)
Road Saw 18" (Walk-Behind)
Reciprocating Sawzall
Premium Diamond Blade (Min. Wear)
Diamond Saw Blade (Min. Wear)

Miscellaneous, Contractor
Air Movers (12" Fans)
Hose Duct for Air Movers
Jobsite Job Box (Steel)

Miscellaneous, Homeowner

Pressure Washer 1000 - 2000 psi
Pressure Washer 3000 - 4000 psi
Wet/Dry Shop Vac

Heavy Equipment

Articulated Wheel Loaders

102 HP 1.30 cu yd Bucket
Fork Attachment

Heavy Excavators

8 Ton (16000 lb) 15 ft Digging Depth

10 Ton (20000 lb) EW100

14 Ton (27000 lb) 18 ft Digging Depth

22 Ton (44000 lb) HYUNDAI 220


Please call for price and availability.

Skid Steer Attachments

Hydraulic Auger Attachment c/w One Free 8" Bit
Additional Bits

Brush Hog
Power Broom/Angle Broom
Snow Plow Attachment
Fork Attachment

Mini Excavators
1 Ton (2100 lb) 5.5 ft Digging Depth

1.5 Ton (3300 lb) 7 ft Digging Depth

3 Ton (6500 lb) 8.5 ft Digging Depth

3.5 Ton (7000 lb) 9 ft Digging Depth

4 Ton (8600 lb) 10 ft Digging Depth
5.5 Ton(12000 lb) 12 ft Digging Depth

6 Ton (12800 lb) 12 ft Digging Depth

6 Ton (15400 lb) 13ft Digging Depth

Material Handling / Elevated Work Platforms

Articulated/Straight Boom

30' Electric

34'- 45' RT Boom
60' Articulated/Straight Boom
80' Articulated
80' Straight Stick
100' Boom
125' Boom

135' Boom

185' Boom

Miscellaneous Material Handling

Bander c/w Sealer
Hydraulic Bottle Jacks 5 -12 Ton
Hydraulic Bottle Jacks 20 -50 Ton

1-Ton Chain Hoist
2-Ton Chain Hoist 20' Lift

Propane / Diesel
Forklift 5000 lb Capacity (Pneumatic)
Forklift 8000 lb Capacity (Pneumatic)
Forklift, Rough Terrain 6000 lb (4x4)
Forklift, 5000 lb (Electric)

Scissor Lifts RT / GAS / LP

Rough Terrain 26' - 34'


5500 lb Capacity
6000 lb Capacity

8000 lb Capacity
9000 lb Capacity
10000 lb Capacity

6 ton Rotational Telehandler

Mini Excavator Attachments

Ditching Bucket c/w Quick Attach
Hydraulic Auger Attachments
Hydraulic Breaker Attachments

Rock Drill

Flail Mower

Scissor Lifts Electric

32'' - 19' DC

32'' - 20' DC

32'' - 22' DC

32'' - 26' DC

32'' - 32' DC

46'' - 32' DC

Water Pumps

De-Watering Pumps
3" 264 gpm Honda 5.5 hp

Diaphragm Pumps
3" 88 gpm 4 hp


Suction Hose 20'
Discharge Hose 50'

Submersible Pumps

2" Electric Single Phase (63 gal/min)

3" Electric Single Phase (600 gal/min)

4" Electric 3 Phase (349 gal/min)

Trash Pumps

2" 172 gpm 4.8 hp
3" 356 gpm 8 hp
4" 700 gpm 16 hp

Terms and Conditions

Availability subject to change
Customer is responsible for daily maintenance, including greasing and ensuring proper levels of fuel and oil.


Customer is responsible for all tire repair and damage.


Repair for unusual wear, damage or cleaning will be charged at our normal shop rates plus parts.


Customer will indemnify contractor against all claims, lawsuits and any other liability to persons or damage to property or the environment connected with the use of the equipment by the customer or breach of any warranty by the customer.


Charges are based on time the equipment is out and not time used.

Delivery is available - Call for rates.


Daily rates are based on an 8-hour day.

For 16-hour operation, rate is 1.5 times.

For 24-hour operation, rate is 1.8 times.


Weekly rates are based on 40 hours per week.

Monthly rates are based on 28 day periods or a total of 160 hours.


Call to Confirm Rates and Current Availability

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